Golden Goose Sneakers Review

Golden Goose Sneakers are a high end sneaker brand. It is a Italian brand that is very creative on the sneakers. The shoes are very stylish and beautifully designed. Some of the Golden Goose Sneakers have unique designs on them which make them stand out from other shoes. If you look at the shoes you can tell that a lot of work was put in to designing the shoes. The website layout is also neat. The website looks clean and modern, with all the products organized easily to see. You can also notice the vintage look of sneakers when browsing through the pictures on the website. The shipping is very reliable as in when you order the product it will be shipped out and delivered to you on time.


I personally like the color white so I like their white converse style shoes. Golden Goose Sneakers look very comfortable and stunning compare to other traditional shoes. The Golden Goose Distressed have a french terry and leather lining with removable wedge insole. The Golden Goose sale are made in Italy which is a cool feeling for anyone who want’s a imported shoe. It also has a brushed effect which makes the shoe even more special. The sneakers come in high and low top which can suit my many outfits that I have.


Sometimes I like to wear High tops with jeans and low tops with shorts. The shoes range from about € 340.00 to € 400.00. What really is interesting to me is the fact that they are handmade. Shoes usually are processed in a factory but the Golden Goose Sneakers are handmade in Italy. So again golden goose outlet is a good feel for those that want fancy imported goods. I am really just so amazed when looking at the products and intricately designed they are. I have not seen many shoes that are like this and I live in the US. Some the shoes have NY buildings on them which is really neat. I have not seen many shoes that have NY buildings on them that are made in Italy. I think that the shoes are truly one of a kind. Like I said I think the high top shoes are really neat and can be used for a lot of different outfits. What i do with one outfit is put on a jacket and a tee shirt underneath. Then I get some skinny jeans and put on some high top sneakers for a modern and fun look. So I would recommend Golden Goose Sneakers to anyone that wants a fun, modern, stylish look.


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