Golden Goose Sneakers High Quality, High Fashion

If you are looking for high quality, high fashion sneakers, look no further than Golden Goose. You can find them online at, as well as through several well-known, high fashion attire vendors such as and The Golden Goose brand was created by Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo. The shoes are made in Italy. Golden Goose sneakers combine retro design with a tastefully distressed look.


There are Golden Goose saldi for men, women and children who are looking for an effortlessly fashionable style. If you choose to buy a pair of Golden Goose sneakers, you have several options to browse through. The sole material is almost always rubber, but with the body of the shoe you can choose from leather, textile, denim, suede and canvas, or a combination of those materials. You can also choose from low, medium, or high top sneakers. A favorite line from the Golden Goose brand are their Super Star low top sneakers. There are several different Super Star Golden Goose sneakers in different styles, all featuring the signature star somewhere on the shoe. A chic take on the Super Star sneakers are the limited edition Flag Super Star sneakers, featuring Amsterdam, Milano, Tokyo, and Beirut varieties in leather with a sparkling detail on the heel. Golden Goose also makes a few varieties of running sneakers.


Golden Goose’s sneaker is one of the most trendsetting running shoes currently available. The shoes features the signature star, but this time with an elongated tip, and are made from two tone leather and a technical textile with a polyurethane sole. They come in a variety of colors. Not quite high top, not quite low top, the Golden Goose Mid Star sneakers are some of the most unique on the market. They come in leather and bonded fabric with the signature star and the classic distressed look. There are three varieties available on their website.


Golden Goose sneakers come in several high top styles. There are the 2.12, Francy , and Slide lines. Each feature the star and a classic retro high top look. As far as comfort goes, customers say that Golden Goose sneakers are fabulous. They are described as breathable, with a soft lining, and of sturdy quality. A recommendation made by many, however is to order a half size up from your usual, as these chic shoes may run a bit narrow. Golden Goose sneakers run new from $260 to $600 and are well worth the investment. As every Golden Goose sneaker owner knows, you are investing not only in a new pair of shoes, but in artisan craftsmanship and your own unique style.



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